Why becoming a volunteer ?

Involve yourself

When you volunteer in CAVA you are giving something back to the community by lending a helping hand to children and organization. What you may not realize is that volunteering in CAVA also benefits you as an individual. There are many good reasons to get involved in this community development programs including learning something about you. CAVA offers volunteers opportunities for both teens and adults.

Act for others

Once you’ve taken the volunteer job, you will feel that your efforts are accomplishing something that your talents are appreciated by the people whom you work so much to better their lives. We have many opportunities for volunteers.

Benefits for you

Think about how much you receive when you give and consider why you want to volunteer in CAVA.

  • Learn to be responsible for themselves and others
  • Make new friends
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Discover your talent and hidden skills
  • Serve and be served by a different culture
  • Enrich your education and earn great recommendation for future employment or college application
  • Certificate of completion depending on the volunteer hours not less than 50 hours
  • Volunteer de-briefing and recognition event

We have a great need for volunteers at our centers and can arrange a wonderful trip for you to serve on ! If you are interested in volunteering either from home or at an CAVA centre, apply now or get more informations.

 Ready to volunteer ? To download the registration form, please click below. Once dully completed, send it back to info@cava-kenya.org

What will be your commitment with CAVA

The list below is resuming some possibilities for your volunteering project with CAVA, we will adapt together your project according to your interests.

1. Volunteer abroad travel to Nairobi Kenya (fundraising – strategies to enable volunteers’ trip from their country to and from the project sites, the program packages include from the program).

2. Education (construction of CAVA).

3. Child aid projects – CAVA community development ; Project in lines of activities designed to assist families in each project in an organized way to improve their living condition for the sake of the children, these activities include : health and hygiene, education, strengthening the economy of the families through income generating activities, life skills environmental activities, sports and culture, and operation of pre-schools.

4. Shelter (construction of CAVA rural childdrop in centre).

5. Fundraising event for orphans and vulnerable children’s (OVCS) programs.

6. Fundraise for your cause (donate your special occasion to change lives).

7. Run for orphans and vulnerable children project (raise funds for a good cause).

8. Find an event or concert, and volunteer (share child sponsorship with, even attendees).

9. Find sponsors for children (childambassadors).

10. Host a sponsorship event (host an event to share child sponsorship).

11. Volunteer your labor (help at CAVA offices).

12. Volunteer events (sponsor or raise funds for one of our volunteer’s events by providing in kind donations).

13. In-kind support (donations, contributions including : secondhand clothes, shoes, toys, computers, photocopies, etc… for children’s at the centers).

14. Sponsor a child in communities in Kenya (find people who can pay school, college and university fees for the orphans ; there are a huge number of children who are either partially or totally orphaned or vulnerable due to HIV-AIDS, they don’t get basic necessities like food, clothing, access to education and even shelter. There suffer to cruelty of both freezing cold and hot sun. Due to poor living conditions that the widowed parents and unable guardians subject them to these children die of malnutrition and lack of access to medical or emotional care. The nature of your hearts can bring a significant change to our environment, more especially to the people we see around but don’t necessarily live with.