What will be the commitment of CAVA with the volunteers


CAVA will accommodate you at the project site or stay with host families or at the CAVA community resource centre.

There are provisions for beds, mattresses, bed sheets and mosquito nets. The bathroom facilities range from pits latrines, bathing may consist of either a bucket or basin of water, with no electricity.

Pilau, typical kenyan meal.


CAVA will provide meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Nairobi Kenya villages rely on a simple, largely vegetarian diet.

Food : a national dish called “Ugali”, maize cops, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and green vegetables are also important to the African diet. Sometimes, meat from goats, chicken or cows is included. You may find fish near the Lake Victoria. Fresh fruit e.g. banana, watermelon, pineapple; mangoes, (depending on season) are abundant as well.

CAVA will also provide you :

  1. Airport pickup on arrival date.
  2. Training in country orientation.
  3. Facilitation transportation within Kenya (nevertheless the volunteer will have to plan the cost of transportation to the project).
  4. Safety and guidance.
  5. Tour and safaris : one would want to explore before returning home for low cost tours we recommend adventure companies that can always be helpful in organizing safari packages in Nairobi Kenya at affordable rates.

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