Required skills : volunteers do not need to have any skills or knowledge about construction, education, health…or about any thematic they will work on. They will mainly be doing unskilled work and they will be led by CAVA skilled locals and work together with local community. The only requirements for volunteers is a true motivation and the desire to involve themselves in a project to help local people.

Languages required : English

Who can volunteer ? Anyone aged 16 with families or groups support and above 16 years of age are welcome to become a community development instructor. For volunteers under 18 years of age, we require the application form to be filled by the adult family and returned to CAVA.

Duration and costs

Commitment : we have 1 week to 3 month maximum. If you want to stay longer, we’ll work it out if the space is available.

Program costs : The cost of volunteer with CAVA depends on the duration of your commitment (pay upon arrival).

  • Short-term volunteering (less than 1 month) : US$ 100 / week ;
  • Mid-term volunteering (from 1 to 3 month) : US$ 250 / month.

Food and accomodation : provided -> know more

Health and insurance

It is mandatory for you to get appropriate vaccines with the advice from your doctors. Also it is advisable to come along with your travel and medical insurance for the placement duration.